Blade of Alacrity is a piece of gear used for improving heroes.

Requires hero level: 20


  • Agility + 10
Sell price Icon-gold-a 2595

Crafted from:

  • Equip-blade-of-alacrity-fragment Blade of Alacrity Fragment x 5
Craft price Icon-gold-a 1500

Material of:

Equip-chulashi'ta-ok Equip-lulithan's-toothpick Equip-jachin's-stone-rod

Gear for:

Shadowleaf, Lightning Elemental, Sniper, Depths Voice, Vengeance Spirit, Ferryman, Swordmaster, Psychic Sword, Commando, Poisoned One, Tusked Storm, Rifleman, Hidden Needle, Cloud Walker, Ember Blade, Ninja Assassin, Rose Fencer,

How to Get

**Fragments are located in the following places:

  • Chapter 4 - Char-ghost-musician Back under the Leaves
  • Chapter 10 - Char-cloud-walker The Temple of Orrenbaz
  • Chapter 11 - Char-scorpion-queen Pass of Skulls
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