• ScaringChildren

    There was a new patch last night, that brought us Heroes Camp with a bunch new building in it.  I will TRY to get to them soon, right now I'm just trying to update equipment, seems like a never ending process though.

    ScaringChildren (talk) 05:16, July 26, 2016 (UTC)

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  • JustAHermit

    All guides have to start somewhere and I thought I'd start it by stressing the importance of owning a monthly card if you're going to take this game seriously without spending extreme amounts of cash. Why do I think this?

    • It's highly cost efficient ($3USD = 300 VIP Points and a little over 3,600 gems at 120 gems a day for a month). This is equivalent to buying $10 worth of gems (940) in VIP points.
    • It will immediately unlock VIP3. By doing this you will unlock the raid feature allowing you to immediately complete a stage you obtained 3-stars in to save time and gain experience potions to use on other heroes. It also unlocks elite stage reset.
    • You'll be able to either save up and buy gold chests early game for a decent pool of heroes or you ca…
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