Booty cave can be accessed after level 42.

You can fight defenders or defend the cave.

You can only use heroes of level 35 or above in both cases.

In booty caves you can gain gold or exp salves. You will also gain diamonds regardless of which type of cave you choose to defend.

When you defend, depending on your team's power, you accumulate gold or exp salves.

The production follows this table :

Rate of exp salves/h Rate of gold/h
power between 1 and 8000 1
power between 8000 and 16000 2
power between 16000 and 24000 3
power between 24000 and 32000 4
power between 32000 and 40000 5
power between 40000 and ? 6

Each time you attack, you use 2 lanterns.

The lantern cap is 30.

You can gain lanterns by defending your caves with a maximum of 20 lanterns a day. Successful defend yields 2 lanterns and a loss yields 1. Lanterns also regenerate up to 30. You can store more than 30 but you lose regeneration benefits, so its in your best interest to use up as many as possible.

The higher your Icon-vip level the more caves you can occupy.

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