Books are used to upgrade heroes by teaching them new passive skills.  Each book can train more than one hero and when you can train each hero will depend on where you are in the progression tree.  Lv. 1 books will take 10 book fragments to combine and some gold, Lv. 2 books will take 20 and gold, Lv. 3 will take 30 and gold, Lv. 4 will take 50 and some gold.  Once you have made the book you can then train your heroes. With a Lv. 1 book you can only train each new skill one time, Lv. 2 book you can train a hero 2 times in each skill. Level 3 and 4 books are 3 and 4 times in each skill respectively. Simple example would be, that in the Book Nautical Chart Lvl 1, you will be able to train Admiral in the Gift of Life skill only one time unlike with the book Law of the Forest Lvl 3 you can train Chaplain 3 times in the Armored Shell skill.  I order to advance to the next node in a training book you must train in all routs that lead to that node.
 Ex.  A book has 3 columns, 1 goes starting down and ends, the other two advance 3 separate times then converge before the last node.  in order to train in the last node you will have to complete all routes that lead to that node. You do not have to train more than once in each node to advance to the next.


Training costs will depend on the level of book, and the type of book, some skills use more Icon-lumber than Icon-ore and others are opposite. Icon-gold-a will increase exponentially starting at 40,000, then 80,000, then 200,000 and I'm guessing 500,000 for level 4 trains.

If you have never trained in something it will just tell you which attribute will be effected but will not tell you by how much. For instance in the Archery Guide Lvl 2 book the skills can be trained multiple times. The first time you train you will just see Effected Attributes: Agility in the Surgical Strikes skill, but the second time it will tell you that it increases your agility by 18. Also note that this book as a leg that is not connected, you will not be able to train in that skill until you have trained at least one time the skill that is the same level in the main branch. In other words you will not be able to train "Embrace of Shadows" until you have trained "Surgical Strike" at least one time.

I have limited information at the moment, but I did create them and added where to get each book, and how many pieces it will to combine them.  I will work on creating more maps like I did for Nautical Chart Lvl 1

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