A list of characters that are eligible for legendary skill.

Some of your characters are eligible for their legendary quests when they reach level 90 and are promoted to gold/orange. To start a legendary quest tap the question mark in the upper left of the characters equipment and confirm. The quest will require that you complete 3 separate parts, the first being collecting 60 fragments by completing 1 or 2 elite campaigns in various chapters. You will be told where you can get them when you start your quest. Swordmaster's legendary pieces can be bought in the soul shop. Once you have all your pieces you will need to complete making your piece of equipment and equip it. (Enchanting should not be done with dust, you will never get them back). The second requirement will be that you complete either 4 fights in the time rift or 10 fights in the hero trials at difficulty 5 or better. These can be raided, you do not have to change your teams, your character will get credit. The final hurdle will be to fight in an elite instance and meet the requirements stated for your characters' legendary quest. It may be a solo fight, last hit, nobody dies, certain amount of damage. As far as I know this fight can not be raided. Once completed your character will be promoted to legendary and they will acquire a new skill that you will need to train in.

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