Encounters Edit

  • Burning Phoenix
  • Resists all magic damage.
  • Please select heroes who can deal physical damage.
  • Possible loot:
  EXP Steak
  Sapphire Staff
  Kreln Horn Reel
  Sol'sketh Reel
  Feather of Truth
  Peerless Bracelet
  • Robot Fighter
  • Please select heroes who can deal damage over time.
  • Possible loot: 
  EXP Steak
  Silver Lance
  Dragon Relic
  Essence of Nature
  Aukin's Axe
  • Lord of Caves
  • Please select heroes with high magic damage.
  • Possible loot:
  EXP Cheese
  Staff of Rawlis
  Nedan Bone Chest
  Bag of Holding
  Wraith Lorica
  Frozen Stone
  EXP Steak
  Copper Cudgel Reel
  Dragon Glass Reel
  Raged Sword
  Lightning Sword
  EXP Steak
  Eternal Icicle
  Relic of Hades
  Ring of Spectre
  Frost Staff

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