Gloves of Haste is a piece of gear used for improving heroes.

Requires hero level: 10


  • Physical Crit + 7.5
Sell price Icon-gold-a 283

Crafted from:

  • Gloves of Haste is a drop only item.

Material of:

Equip-training-boots Equip-emerald-training-boots Equip-blessed-training-boots Equip-jammer-grips Equip-kreln-masher

Gear for:

War Chief, Ferryman, Psychic Sword, Wandering Spearman, Poisoned One, Phoenix, Death Bringer, Griffin, Ghost Knight, Ooze,

How to Get

  • Chapter 3 - ? Over the Seas
  • Chapter 4 - Char-ice-spirit The Storm's Eye
  • Chapter 9 - Char-wandering-spearman The Fields of Jachin
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