Grand Arena Shop Edit

Located at the "Redeem" in the Grand Arena section, it is run by an unnamed Drunken Master, who sells, among gears, sellables, essences and EXP items, soul stones required to summon Heroes. He sells 5 soul stones for 500 Grand Arena Tokens, meaning players require 8000 Grand Arena Tokens to summon a 3-Star hero. Grand Arena Tokens are generated per hour, based on the player's current rank, lower ranks giving less Tokens and higher ranks rewarding more. The player can claim them at any time.

Currently on Sale Edit

Hero-death-mage Hero-deathgore Hero-iron-hoof Hero-wizard-doctor
Hero-fallen-dominion Hero-cloud-walker Hero-ember-blade Hero-ancient-protector
Hero-scorpion-squeen Hero-stormlord Hero-vengeance-spirit Hero-elder-giant
Hero-witch Hero-griffin Hero-thunder-beast

Previously Available in store Edit

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