This is a list of Guilds. Since Guilds and memberships can change daily. This list can't contain stats like number of members or Guild Rankings. If you are part of a Guild and would like to add your Guild to this list for recruiting purposes, please do so (or add a note in the comments and someone can add it for you.

Guild Name Server Guild ID Country Guild Introduction Guild Join Conditions
BLOODLUST (3) Emberstar 880 International Be active and do daily Team Level xx+
HYLANDERZ 110017431 International Welcome to the family!
Fightclub (43)Kreln 110001685 Germany/Deutschland Aktiv / 7-11 offen 32+
Garuda (8) Soulhunter 6514 Indonesia Indonesia Gan!
Légendaire 110001383 France Bienvenue, l'union fait la force ! Membres actifs
France (82) Aetna 110040362 France plus on est plus on rit ! membres actif pour raid
Fairy Tail (47) Quinnard 110006679 United States Best Guild Ever! (someone else thought of it..) TL 55+


ELITE (204) The Prophet 110229519 International We have 7 of the top 30 players on our server soon will be our time Lvl 85+ with a min daily contribution of 500

Beastmode / 110017119 80+ 14-18 open

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