Longsword is a piece of gear used for improving heroes.

Requires hero level: 21


  • Attack Damage + 20
Sell price Icon-gold-a 3056

Crafted from:

Craft price Icon-gold-a 1500

Material of:

Equip-nedan's-tear Equip-blade-mail Equip-moon-of-lulithan

Gear for:

Shadowleaf, Sniper, Savage One, Ferryman, Brute, Lunar Guardian, Commando, Poisoned One, Tusked Storm, Drunken Master, Rifleman, Vanguard Warrior, Desert Lycan, Rose Fencer, Devastator, Iron Dragon, Dope King, Elder Giant, Unsullied Champion,

How to Get

**Fragments are located in the following places:

  • Chapter 4 - Char-admiral Ahead of the Nedan
  • Chapter 7 - Char-succubus The Cold of the Draugr
  • Chapter 7 - Char-frost-mage Broken Homes and Hearts
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