Also known as "Icy's Shop", it is run by Artolia, the Ice Mage. She sells 6 random items, and will always have EXP Potions or EXP Salves in her stock, as well one Soul Stone of a random Hero. The quality of her items vary, sometimes even selling reels of purple rank items.

When the player enters the Merchant she will either say "Welcome to Icy's Shop." or "Are you here shopping? Or are you just checking me out?" or "Shops are restocked every 6 hours." By clicking on her frame, the player can get many responses:

  • "I always restock my shop at 9am, 12pm, 6pm and 9pm."
  • "Hey! Point your fingers on my items, not on me. I'm not for sale!"
  • "Stop staring at me and take a look at my shop! I sell cool stuff!"
  • "You're going to leave a bruise!"
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