Monthly Signin Rewards are rewards that players can obtain just by clicking the reward every day. Below is a list of rewards you can get.

Login Rewards Edit

Equip-mithril-gear x1 Equip-gems-1 x20 Equip-exp-cheese x1 Equip-void-dust x1 Icon-soul-stone x2
Equip-mithril-gear x2 New Hero Equip-exp-cheese x2 Equip-void-dust x2 Icon-soul-stone x3
Equip-mithril-gear x3 Equip-gems-1 x60 Equip-exp-cheese x3 Equip-shimmer-dust x1 Icon-soul-stone x4
Equip-power-of-gold x1 Equip-gems-1 x80 Equip-exp-cheese x4 Equip-shimmer-dust x2 Icon-soul-stone x5
Equip-power-of-gold x2 Equip-gems-1 x100 Equip-exp-cheese x5 Equip-primal-essence x1 Icon-soul-stone x7
Equip-metal-element x1 Equip-gems-1 x120 Equip-exp-cheese x5 Equip-primal-essence x2 Icon-soul-stone x9
Equip-metal-element x1 --- --- --- ---

Soul Stones Edit

2015 Edit

January February March April
Hero-phoenix Hero-ember-blade Hero-nature-storm Hero-forest-guardian
May June July August
Hero-light-bringer Hero-dwarf-warrior Hero-crossed-knight Hero-enchantress
September October November December
Hero-manipulator Hero-queen-of-curse Hero-Dungeon-Keeper

2014 Edit

September October November December
Hero-commando Hero-arcane-sapper Hero-rifleman Hero-vanguard-warrior
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