Encounters Edit

  • Raged Blood
    • Encounter available Thursday &
    • Please select heroes with healing abilities.

Possible Loot:

  Lightning Sword
  Raged sword
  Dragon Glass Reel
  Copper Cudgel Reel
  • Robot Fighter
    • Encounter available
    • Please select heroes who can deal damage over time.

Possible loot:

   Essence of Nature
   Dragon Relic
   Ball Lightning Reel
   Yew bolt thrower reel
   Silver Lance

Possible loot:

   Ring of Spectre
   Relic of Hades
   Pipe Reel
   Moonglow Reel
   Eternal Icicle
  • Lord of Caves
    • Encounter available
    • Please heroes with burst magic damage (I think that is right)
    • Will add more info later, its locked for me at the moment and can't look at it
  • Burning Phoenix
    • Encounter available
    • Please select heroes that can deal repeated damage.

Possible loot:

   Peerless Bracelet
   Feather of Truth
   Sol'sketh Reel
   Kreln Horn Reel
   Sapphire Staff
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