Power is the representation of a character's capacity, resulted from the combination of statistics from gear, character level, team level, stats, promotion and evolution of a specific character. Team Power is resulted by the combination of all heroes' power in a Team.

Explanation on StatsEdit

Stats are the representation of a characters attributes by numbers and are used in engagements to determine how much damage a character takes by an opponent, or deals to an opponent. Level ups, gears, promotions, evolutions and some Skills affect directly stats. Each character tends to be inclined to a specific stat growth depending on their role; Strength Characters tend to have higher defense and HP, for example.

All stats in the game are retroactive, meaning that if the player evolves a Hero after leveling or promoting, the stats will be recaculated. It doesn't matter the order, the results will be the same. Also, enchanting equipment will not have any effect in the final stats once the Hero is promoted; all enchants will be discarded and the player will receive a specific amount of enchanting dust based on how much of the gear was enchanted.

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