• This page contains information relating to the raid ticket.
Sell Price Icon-gold-a 54

Basic information Edit

The sim tickets are gained from having VIP levels (Starting at 20 for VIP 1, increasing 10 per level to a max of 160). They are also gained from completing levels in Campaign/Elite mode (Below will outline statistics gathered for chance of getting a raid ticket)

Usage Edit

Sim tickets are used for instantly complete a level that you have gained 3 stars on. Advantage is are that you dont have to fight the stage over and over to farm items.

Difference to normal fighting Edit

Your heroes will NOT gain experience when raiding instead you will get EXP items of roughly the same experience you would have gained for the fight normally. (depending on the level)

Data gathered for chance of gaining tickets for completing level Edit

Number of battles Number of tickets gained Chance of gaining a ticket
Normal 59 23 39.0%
Elite 0 0 0
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