All guides have to start somewhere and I thought I'd start it by stressing the importance of owning a monthly card if you're going to take this game seriously without spending extreme amounts of cash. Why do I think this?

  • It's highly cost efficient ($3USD = 300 VIP Points and a little over 3,600 gems at 120 gems a day for a month). This is equivalent to buying $10 worth of gems (940) in VIP points.
  • It will immediately unlock VIP3. By doing this you will unlock the raid feature allowing you to immediately complete a stage you obtained 3-stars in to save time and gain experience potions to use on other heroes. It also unlocks elite stage reset.
  • You'll be able to either save up and buy gold chests early game for a decent pool of heroes or you can use it like me by spending it on stamina (first two cost 50 diamonds totalling 240 stamina) and completing the Midas daily every (40 experience) leaving you with 10 diamonds surplus a day.

By your 4th monthly card, you will have unlocked VIP4 (1,000pts) allowing access to two additional booty caves and 20 skillpoints as a limit. By your 6th card, you will have unlocked VIP6 (2,000pts) which is notable in the 50% more guild coins earned. To top it all off, you will be gaining 240 experience a day opposed to a player who does not buy stamina therefore you'll be maxing out guild activity points everyday (600) and have a very slight experience boost (7,200 experience bonus a month) compared to someone who does not use a card.

  • Two more booty caves mean higher gold/potion income alongside more diamonds! (Spend diamonds to make diamonds!)
  • The elite stage reset will allow you to farm souls quickly and cheaply. (Will get to this in another guide)
  • 50% more guild coins mean less time by up to a month getting guild heroes.

Of course in the end it's entirely up to the player but it'll prove itself handy quickly. Think of it as supporting uCool for the great work they've done. :)

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