War Signet of Kreln is a piece of gear used for improving heroes.

Requires hero level: 10


  • STR + 7
Sell price Icon-gold-a 226

Crafted from:

  • War Signet of Kreln is a drop only item.

Material of:

Equip-training-boots Equip-transmer-of-amuns Equip-charges-of-shadow-wardens Equip-stone-of-boaz

Gear for:

Lightning Elemental, Savage One, Shallows Keeper, War Chief, Bear Warrior, Tusked Storm, Deathknight, Drunken Master, Deathgore, Iron Hoof, Phoenix, Vanguard Warrior, Commander, Death Bringer, Dwarf Warrior, Turtle Fighter, Crossed Knight, Dungeon Keeper, Cat Fencer, Ghost Knight, Devastator, Iron Dragon, Elder Giant, Ooze, Unsullied Champion,

How to Get

  • Chapter 3 - ? Taking The Helm
  • Chapter 6 - Char-pilot Cleansing Fires
  • Chapter 10 - Char-frost-mage A Single Hand Raised
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